"Some say that our generation is the moral turning point of Lithuania's future. If this is so, we have a huge responsibility to Lithuania, the world and God."

"When I came to the Kaunas Jesuit School, I was amazed by the warm guidance of the teachers and their strict academic expectations. The school is a sort of merging of high academic goals and high moral ideals - I like that."

"The Vilnius Jesuit School has nurtured in me a strong respect for dignity in every individual - my teachers, fellow students, parents, neighbors - everyone can make a difference. By excelling in all that we do, my classmates and I make a positive difference every day - here in Lithuania and everywhere."

"Once I have succeeded here, I want to study abroad. I believe that the integration of our country into Europe and into the world after 50 years of isolation is critical to the future."

Virgilija Sinickaite

From the very first year at school, I was one of the most active persons in the class. All the years I was a form perfect and the fact that I have chanced my school three times made no bad influence neither on my position among the classmates nor on my relations with teachers. Furthermore, my average is the highest among my age pupils at this school. In 1989 and in 1992, I got honor certificates from the Board of Education for excellent studies and useful activities. In 1991, 1992 and 1993, I took part in the City Contest of Mathematicians. I like mathematics, physics. A enjoy logical games and logical thinking.

When I entered the Jesuit Grammar School I've become a member of the English Debate Club I was very successful in the International Debate Summer Camps in Lithuania in 1995 and 1996 (there I was recognized as a top speaker of the camp), and in Latvia, our team won the first place. I also was elected to the team representing Lithuania in the European Debating Competition at Stuttgart in 1996. I like debates because of two reasons: 1. I love the activity of debating 2. I meet a lot of nice, different people. I've made friends with people from different parts of the world by now.

I am very proud of studying at the Jesuit Grammar School. I am satisfied with the knowledge I've acquired there. We've been given opportunities to study the subjects which are not taught in other ordinary schools, for example - psychology. Besides compulsory subjects we may also get more insight into ethical issues. Active social activities which are given special attention at our school helped me to decide my future aspirations.

I like communicating with people, and that is why I am planning to work in this sphere. I want to help people of my country. First I thought that medicine could be my future profession, but then I found realities of the Lithuanian medicine far from the ways I would like to see them. Then I got involved in chiropractic, but in summer I found out that this kind of education was not available in our country.
Next I got interested in psychology. I thought it to be interesting to learn more about behavior of human beings. My brother is three years old now and I am fond of watching him growing. It's very interesting to follow the development of his character. If it were possible I would surely combine the studies of chiropractic and psychology.

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Auste Tamulynaite

I was born on May 5, 1979, in Kaunas, Lithuania, into a family with deep Catholic traditions. I have a sister who is a year my junior. My father is Associate Professor at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and my mother was a doctor. I lost her in 1993. Now we are living with my father in Vytenai, a suburb of Kaunas.

The 42nd Grammar School was the first school that I attended. I was one of the best students there, but after I finished the 7th Class in 1992 I decided to carry on my studies at the Kaunas Jesuit Secondary School. A great change took place in my life. I found myself in an absolutely different atmosphere and warm microclimate. I studied hard, and at the same time, I took part in various activities: school choir and Theatrum Collegium. In parallel, I attended Music School (where I studied piano and ethnomusicology); I graduated from Music School in 1994. During this period, I took part in contests of artistic reading where I was often successful. In the autumn of 1996, I won First Prize in a contest of reading O. Milosz poetry. In 1996, I attended special computer courses at the KTU Computer Center and got a certificate. During 1994-1996 I took part in activities with the Sea Scouts.

A great discovery for me was my work in the Jesuit Debate Club. My participation in the first Lithuanian National Public Speaking Competition in March of 1996 was successful and I was invited to take part in the semi-finals at Summer Debate Camp in Druskininkai, 1996. My team in the English debate group took Fourth Place, and we were the third with my Lithuanian group. Currently I am invited to take part in the World Championship of School Debates in Bermuda. My English and Russian are fluent and I can read German and French with the help of the dictionary. I was always fond of learning foreign languages, and Jesuit Secondary School gave me this possibility. I had a nice opportunity to practice French during my visit to France (1995) with the school group as well as English and German during pilgrim journeys to TZ Catholic youth meetings (Poland 1996, Germany 1997).

Thanks to my multisided interests and activities, I'm involved in preferred studies such as: politology, law, history, ethnology, and psychology. I hope that work in these fields could cover my interests and help me make closer contacts with people. I would like to study abroad and use the knowledge I get for the prosperity and spiritual perfection of the society of my country.
Kaunas January 27, 1997

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Almantas Jurkus

My father was born in Upper Lithuania, Zarasai district, in the little town of Salakas. The historical origins of this little town were first mentioned in 1496. Also, it is famous for its high stone church. At the time the church was built in 1906 - 1911 my great-great grandfather Juozapas Jurka made for it various things from iron, as he was the goldsmith of the goldsmiths in Salakas. My great grandfather and my grandfather were goldsmiths, but my father finished school in Salakas and came for studies to Kaunas. Here he finished secondary school, then Kaunas Polytechnic College, and after that he graduated Kaunas Technology University.

My mother was born in the district of Marijampole, but later she lived in Garliava, near Kaunas. She finished Garliava Secondary School and Kaunas Trade School.
My parents married in August 11, 1978. I am the first son and I was born on June 25, 1979. I have one brother and one sister. My brother is one year younger than me and my sister soon will celebrate her 5th birthday. We live in the region of Kaunas, Batniava (25 km from Kaunas). At present I study at the Kaunas Jesuit School. I entered this school after I finished Batniava Basic School. While studying in Kaunas Jesuit School, I entered English Debate program, which I like very much. In the 1995 Summer Debate Camp in Giruliai, during debates we won 5th Place (our team consists of me and my two classmates, girls) and in 1996, at the Summer Debate Camp in Druskininkai, we lost in the semifinal round to a Czech team which ultimately won 1st place; according to points, we were in 4th Place.

Mathematics also goes well for me. All the terms from this subject I have the highest mark (10) already from the 7th form. Last year I wrote a composition "Golden cut: its history and influence on people". After competition at school I also took part in Kaunas region conference. But the republic conference was not held.
The problems of mathematics are not difficult for me either: in 1996 in the contest of junior mathematicians in Kaunas I was the 3rd place.


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