The Kaunas Jesuit School is in many ways the miracle of post-Soviet education in Lithuania. In 1991, education authorities invited the Jesuits to take over the state school adjoining the Kaunas church. Though the offer was made at short notice, Jesuits accepted it and began the seemingly impossible task of transforming a "Soviet" styled educational facility into a Christian-based school. Through deft and charismatic leadership, the school is considered a model for schools across the land. The school is planning to expand its facilities to include a new complex to house new science laboratories, athletic court, and cafeteria. Merging Lithuanian educational traditions developed earlier in the century with current priorities, the Kaunas Jesuit School has acquired an excellent reputation as an academically challenging institution which promises to yield the next generation of leaders in Lithuania.

Kaunas Jesuit School website (in Lithuanian)

The only Catholic high school in the capital city is the Vilnius Jesuit School. Responding once again to the more important needs of education and moral guidance of Lithuania's youth, Jesuits reclaimed the broken structure of their pre-soviet facilities and opened the school in September of 1995. Although repairs on the structure are far from complete, excellent teachers were trained in Jesuit teaching methods and academically gifted students were chosen to begin another Jesuit scholastic tradition. During this momentous period of Lithuanian history, Jesuits are committed to forming the most significant centers of learning in the country.

Vilnius Jesuit School website (in Lithuanian)